‘Apex Legends’ developers are looking to make changes to Crypto

Apex Legends.

Respawn developer John Larson has appeared on the Apex Uncut podcast and spoke about some potential changes coming to recon legend Crypto.

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The tech-savvy legend was added in Apex Legends season 3 and uses his trusty drone to scout ahead, cover flanks, and disrupt enemy shields. As his kit encourages players to hang back in a game that frequently involves opportune rushes, it’s no surprise that he sees less play than other legends.

As reported by PCGamesN, Larson mentions that the team at Respawn is actively working to make him more fun to play, saying, “When assessing how to make him a bit sexier, I think streamlining the flow between Crypto mode and drone mode, and maybe distributing that power more healthily, so it’s not quite as binary, would be a nice way of approaching that.”

Crypto’s ultimate ability is an emp that briefly stuns affected players and damages shields. When used correctly, this can set up a potent push. Any changes to Crypto could push the abilities power level in either direction, with Larson saying, “we would have to address the peak power of people pushing off Crypto’s EMP. It’s something to keep in mind, and it’s something we are definitely, actively working on.”

There is also mention of changes to the EVA-8 shotgun, which recently got buffed. The changes to the shotgun made it one of the most deadly weapons in the game, with many players choosing to open with a couple of high damage shots before dumping shotgun shells for easy kills. According to Larson, the weapon was powerful before its last buff but didn’t see much use. As such, it is likely to receive a nerf soon.

Apex Legends recently had to slow development on Cross-progression following a hack that took over Apex servers, redirecting players to a site begging respawn to fix Titanfall 2.

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