ArrDee – Jiggy (Whiz)

When it comes to flows and lyrics, there is no doubt that UK artists are in a complete league of their own. British artists are typically a lot cheekier with their lyrics as they don’t have a problem with being humorous within their songs. While most American artists take themselves incredibly seriously, the UK lot seems to be keener with theatrics. This is especially true for UK rapper ArrDee who recently dropped a brand new song called “Jiggy (Whiz)” which is an obvious party anthem.

With this track, ArrDee delivers some high-energy flows all while the production matches the party vibe that the artist is reaching for. The music video that goes along with the track is just as rambunctious as the song itself, which is something you love to see. Overall, ArrDee shines on the song, and fans who have yet to hear him should definitely give this effort a listen.

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