‘Battlefield 2042’ confirmed to have a mode filled with classic maps

Ripple Effect – the re-branded EA studio DICE LA – general manager Christian Glass has confirmed that Battlefield 2042 will have a game mode that uses classic Battlefield maps.

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Glass provided some level of confirmation to the rumours that one of Battlefield 2042’s game modes would feature classic series maps in this new game’s engine. He mentioned this in ‘The Future of FPS Stream’ from June 8, when he said “One of the components of this experience that we’re creating, is that we’re adding some of the fan favourite maps back into Battlefield 2042“. (thanks, Tweaktown)

He added: “But [for] the entire experience, you have to wait a bit longer before we reveal what that is.”

battlefield 2042
Battlefield 2042. Credit: EA DICE

Ripple Effect’s Battlefield 2042 game mode will be fully revealed at EA Play Live on July 22. In the meantime the studio recently said it’s working on an unannounced game, when it also officially changed to Ripple Effect from DICE LA. 

Battlefield leaker Tom Henderson, who correctly leaked that this newest game would be called Battlefield 2042, says that Ripple Effect’s mode will be called Battlefield Hub. “It’s going to be [classic maps] on the Battlefield 2042 engine.”

He added: “The movement and stuff like that is going to be exactly the same but you’re essentially playing on a remastered map with different weapons and vehicles from past Battlefield titles.”

Battlefield 2042 Dogfight
Battlefield 2042. Credit: EA DICE

While little else is known about the above Battlefield 2042 mode, new game mode ‘Hazard Zone’ had some more details revealed. According to Oskar Gabrielson, general manager of DICE, it isn’t “your classic Battle Royale” as it aims to be more contemporary. More will be revealed about ‘Hazard Zone’ before the game’s October 22 launch.

So, as of right now it’s confirmed that ‘All-out Warfare’ is a 128-player mode, ‘Hazard Zone’ is a spin on the Battle Royale genre, and that Ripple Effect are working on another mode involving classic maps.

In other news, World Of Warcraft has seen a 56% increase in viewership on Twitch since The Burning Crusade expansion launched.

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