#BellaNaijaWeddings Weekly: Fill Your Day With all The Love & Colour From This Week!

Hello there Fam!

It’s another beautiful Saturday once again, you already know how that registers in our books – yes, weddings! The most beautiful thing is that as you read through this, someone somewhere is saying “I do” at the very minute that you’re reading it! 🤭 This beauty is definitely worth celebrating, hence, we can never get tired of celebrating love.

If you’re a lover of love as much as we are, then you certainly want to head over now to www.bellanaijawedings.com. This week, just like every week before it (and rest assured, every week after 😉), there’s been so much beauty and colour. From breathtaking wedding photos to heartwarming love stories, mushy pre-wedding shoots, and wedding inspirations… there were lots of exciting features just for you as a member of the love team. If you missed anything, you’ve got nothing to worry about. Here’s a recap of all that went down.

Click on the title links for more on each story. Enjoy!

Signed & Sealed With a Kiss! It’s the #Enis21 White Wedding

It’s an Efik-Yoruba Affair! Feel the Beauty of Culture at Patience & Tunde’s Traditional Wedding

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