Boldy James – Drug Zone

Boldy James and The Alchemist have officially confirmed the release date for their upcoming Bo Jackson album, which is due for release on August 13th. The follow-up to their previous — and acclaimed — The Price Of Tea In China, this new effort kicks off with the new single “Drug Zone.”

Off the bat, the mood is a shadowy one, and Boldy operates quite nicely as a nocturnal being. Alc’s hazy production is the perfect backdrop for James’ observational lyricism, which begins with an acrobatic feat of dexterity. “All this press and it’s depressed, and the pressure is still pressin’ against a ni**a flesh, it’s beyond measure,” he raps, over a dark and grimy beat. From there, Boldy puts on an absolute clinic, his lyricism designed to be analyzed with rapt attention.

Check it out for yourself below, and if Bo Jackson features more where this came from, we’re in for a potential album of the year contender.

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