‘Call of Duty: Warzone’ High Alert perk will hear Dead Silence footsteps

Call of Duty Warzone

Raven Software has teased that the Call of Duty: Warzone perk High Alert will soon allow players to hear Dead Silence footsteps.

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Currently, the High Alert perk makes your vision pulse whenever enemies outside your field of view are aiming at you. Of course, this often has little use as it’s usually too late.

The rather underwhelming perk is now being given a bit of an upgrade – according to the game’s latest patch notes – allowing those with High Alert to hear Dead Silence footsteps, giving players a much more tactical reason to equip it in the first place.

Call of Duty: Warzone is a game that’s often about situational awareness. Knowing your enemy is coming can be very advantageous – especially if they think they’ve got the drop on you by taking the Dead Silence field upgrade. Changing High Alert to counter this looks to give some much-needed balance.

Sure, players who take the Dead Silence field upgrade will still run a bit faster, but their footsteps will no longer be completely silent. And it gives players who have hunkered down in buildings a sporting chance against them.

The Dead Silence field upgrade has been a popular choice since the game’s launch. After all, it’s one of few upgrades which has no downside. Stopping Power may increase damage but also adds recoil. Using a recon drone leaves you defenceless while it’s in use. But Dead Silence is a win-win.

At least with the changes to High Alert, it’s not too straightforward anymore. However, this isn’t the only perk change that’s on its way.

Call of Duty: Warzone developer Raven Software previously teased the addition of two new perks specifically for the battle royale, though what they are remains to be seen.

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