Chino Cappin – Hot Shit Feat. Metro Marrs

Fort Valley, Georgia rapper/singer Chino Cappin’ has had a pretty explosive year so far. After taking a break from music in 2020, Chino Cappin came returned strong in June with F*CC It, BaCC To BasiCs, the artist’s first full-length release in two years. With extensive rap talent set to the backdrop of a soulful voice, Chino Cappin’ stunned audiences and re-established himself into the upcoming wave of young artists. His most recent single, “Hot Shit”, serves as a mature extension of this sound.

It seems Chino Cappin’ has found his own lane, and he performs best when he puts his impressive voice to use. Reminiscent of contemporaries like Lil Tjay, “Hot Shit” finds Chino Cappin’ flowing melodically in and out of the simple guitar beat, which allows Chino to take the main stage.

Metro Mars takes on the back end of the track with his own interpolation of Chino Cappin’s flow. While he remains outshined by Chino on the track, Metro Mars certainly succeeds in keeping the track interesting with head-banging flows and a more raspy vocal tone.

Check out the music video for the track here:

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