Curly J – No Drill

New York artist Curly J is a self-proclaimed “King Of Melodies” and when it comes to his music, he wears the title well. Throughout the last couple of years, he has delivered a steady stream of new tracks, including the effort “Bag Different 3.0” which was covered by this site just last year in November. Needless to say, Curly J is in the midst of perfecting his craft and he has improved with each new effort. This improvement is on full display in his latest track called “No Drill.”

In this song, Curly J can be found over the top of some wavy production all while he drops some smooth melodies and solid bars that merge together effortlessly. Curly J raps about making it in the rap game and how his team is on top of their game and winning at life. You can tell Curly J is enjoying his success, and it won’t be long before he is a household name.

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