Dave East & Harry Fraud – Just Another Rapper

Dave East’s accomplishments are well known at this point. With a number of critically acclaimed and commercially successful mixtapes and an ever-growing acting portfolio, East was right where he needed to be to drop this week’s flex-heavy Hoffa album. The album, produced exclusively by Harry Fraud, mixes East’s classic New York flows with Fraud’s mafia-themed beats. While most tracks off of Hoffa center around East’s high-profile life after an upbringing rooted in struggle, “Just Another Rapper” off of the tracklist is a true “screw you” to all of his haters.

Whatever you have, Dave East has more of it as the track starts off- “Anything you put up, I can match it/ Make a hunnid, take fifty and you stash it.” Backed by a simple instrumental of muffled horns and overblown 808’s, East gives no space for silence between bars as he increases the length of his flow after every line. After a number of previous tracks discussing his impoverished upbringing, “Just Another Rapper” finds East tired of not having. So instead, he lists all the things he wants- cars, clothes, women- and how he’s already got them.

Check out the track below:

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