Derek Chauvin’s First Mugshot Since Sentencing Unveiled

Derek Chauvin became one of the most hated men in the entire country last summer after he was caught on camera killing George Floyd in what was a disgusting example of police brutality. Floyd’s death sparked widespread protests all across America as many were fed up and tired of the role police play in our daily lives. Since the killing of George Floyd, various other people of color have been killed by the cops and with each new story that comes out, more protests pop up in response.

Just a few months ago, Floyd’s family was given justice after Chauvin was convicted on multiple charges including second-degree murder, third-degree murder, and third-degree manslaughter

Chauvin was then sent back to jail where he awaited his sentence. Many were hoping for a harsh sentence although, in the end, Chauvin received some leniency. In fact, Chauvin will now have to face 22.5 years in jail, however, with good behavior, he can be out in just 15 years per Minnesota law.

Now, new images are surfacing from the Minnesota Department of Corrections via TMZ. These two photos, which can be found below, are of mugshots taken of Chauvin on June 28th. These images were taken not long after his sentencing, and they are the first pictures of Chauvin to make their way online since said sentencing.

Many theorized that prison would be rough on Chauvin and these photos seem to confirm that suspicion.

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