DijahSB – New Balance

One of the coldest MCs out of Canada is back with a feel-good vibe. Toronto rapper DijahSB returned this week with a brand new single that takes inspiration from sports apparel. Their single “New Balance” is an upbeat, vibrant joint with a dash of chillwave in the production. Dijah weaves through the production with slick wordplay with a positive word about staying down in the hardest times. “I’m on my own journey, people see me when I’m lost/ But would never lend a hand, rather keep me at the cross/ Like Jesus, when he walked through the valley/ I’m very guided, well advised and making friends with the giants,” Dijah raps.

The release of their latest single arrives just a few months after Dijah dropped off their latest project, Head Above The Waters which includes singles like “Overtime” and “By Myself.”

Check out DijahSB’s latest track below.

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