Fan-made submarine settlement is a hit in ‘Fallout 76’

Submarine settlement made in Fallout 76. Image Credit: RADiCALRUX on Reddit

Fallout 76 players are crafting elaborate submarine settlements, floating atop the irradiated water of Appalachia.

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First noticed by PCGamesN, a player going by RADiCALRUX on Reddit posted his submarine build, leading others to praise the unusual design. I would’ve thought it was legit made by Bethesda to be found in-game,” read one comment underneath the photo gallery post.

Fusion Junk Submarine. I posted the outside a few weeks ago. Here is the complete submarine. Two seater.(can actually sit) hatch ladder down. Small sleeping area. Radar/Communications Area. engine room. Steering/observation room. Using the utility shelter for the “inside”. Let me know what you think from fallout76settlements

The submarine includes a radar/communications room, an engine room, some seating and sleeping areas, a steering/observation room, and a hatch ladder.

The claustrophobic settlement can house two players at a time. The submarine itself is half-submerged in water.

The original poster said there was a “video coming soon”, leaving other players hopeful for a step-by-step on how to build something so complex.

Further inspired by the original post, another player went on to build their own submarine settlement, this time with a more open-plan approach. The two builds have left many speculating as to the technique used, with some wondering if these are assets from the Flying Fortress partially submerged.

Another Submarine Build from fallout76settlements

In recent Fallout 76 news, Nuclear Winter battle royale mode is leaving the game in September, with developers citing a lack of interest from players.

In the latest Bethesda developer update post, it was revealed that the team is “planning to sunset Nuclear Winter Mode in an update coming this September”.

Nuclear Winter Mode was Fallout 76’s battle royale mode, where players would compete to see who would be the last left standing.

Back in April, Fallout 76 received a massive update that included the option to preside over multiple camps, and a new SPECIAL loadout system.

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