Free-to-play ‘Pokémon Unite’ MOBA preload available now

Pokémon Unite

The upcoming free-to-play strategic battle game Pokémon Unite, which releases tomorrow (July 21), can now be pre-loaded.

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Nintendo announced the title in June last year, during its Pokémon Presents Direct. With only a day to go until release, the pre-load is now available in Nintendo’s eShop, taking up 928Mb of memory.

Pokémon Unite is a strategic free-to-play battle game that features five versus five battles. Based on popular MOBA titles like SMITE and Dota 2, Pokemon Unite will be free to start and feature in-game purchases.

Nintendo developed Pokémon Unite in conjunction with Tencent. The two publishers announced a partnership in April 2019, and this new Pokémon game is the first release from that partnership.

To celebrate the launch of Pokémon Unite, Nintendo will offer all players who log in before August 31 the chance to redeem a license in-game for Zeraora, an electric-type Pokemon.

Nintendo has not released any official details for launch times, but most players can likely expect the title to launch at midnight in their respective regions. This isn’t confirmed but is typically the case for most high-profile releases on the console.

A mobile version of the game will launch this September, which will feature crossplay functionality with the Nintendo Switch. Crossplay will work across iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch. However, Nintendo has not yet confirmed the release date for Pokémon Unite on mobile.

Elsewhere, a supposed leaked retail promotional picture of a Dying Light: Platinum Edition hints that a Nintendo Switch port could be on the way.

The promotional image includes the proposed box art for the image and details surrounding the game’s content and Switch enhancements.

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