Future – Codeine Crazy

You know you’ve made it as an artist when your songs trend on Twitter for no apparent reason. And with a discography as expansive as Future’s, it speaks to the immense impact of “Codeine Crazy” that it still gets talked about today as one of his greatest songs. Released in 2014 as part of his Monster mixtape, the TM88-produced track holistically highlights the ethos of Future as an artist – a troubled soul who knowingly drowns out his sorrows with substances but can’t seem to help it. Fans continue to uphold the legacy of the song today by crowning it as one of Future’s most important songs

The instrumental shines in its understated nature, serving as a haunting, muddy backdrop for Future’s multiple verses outlining troubled relationships and immense drug reliance all while dealing with both the challenges and joys of rap fame. The music video, premiered in early 2015, added fitting visuals to the song’s gloomy atmosphere, with purple filters and blurry visual effects mimicking Future’s experiences with abusing the song title’s addictive drug. The song gained new life and traction when it was featured on the Grand Theft Auto V video game’s hip-hop radio station and when the Monster mixtape released onto streaming services in 2019 following its five-year anniversary.

Revisit the song and music video down below. What do you think about “Codeine Crazy”?

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