HMV say they “would love to be involved” in Record Store Day

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HMV have stated their interest in being involved in Record Store Day celebrations in the UK.

The chain of record stores, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, have yet to be involved in the UK’s annual celebration of independent record stores, though they do take part in a similar celebration in Canada.

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“As an independently owned chain of stores, we would love to play a part in Record Store Day in the UK,” HMV owner Doug Putman told Music Week in a new feature celebrating 100 years in the business.

HMV’s Managing Director Phil Halliday added: “There are plenty of areas in the UK where our participation in Record Store Day would be advantageous to those people, because we’ve got stores in a lot of places where there aren’t independent shops.

“I think it would be great for the [music] fan if we were part of Record Store Day. The Canadian stores participate and it is something that we would like to do.

“Maybe at some point it will make sense for us to participate and if there’s a will from outside – we’ll have to see…”

Following on from last year’s triple event which was spread out due to coronavirus concerns, RSD returns for two dates this summer and will see hundreds of vinyl, CD and cassette releases sold exclusively through independent record shops – with over 250 stores from every corner of the UK and thousands around the world taking part in the celebrations.

The first ‘drop’ date of 2021 saw fans flock to record stores on June 12, with the second event taking place tomorrow (Saturday July 17). See a full list of 2021 Record Store Day releases here.

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