IDK – LA Leakers Freestyle

Though IDK can definitely spit bars, having proven as much time and again, the rapper tends to operate as a visionary first. Sometimes, the song simply doesn’t call for spazzing out, and IDK will prioritize whatever will most benefit the album as a whole. Still, the rapper can hold his own, and today he hit up the LA Leakers (who have been on a murderous tear these days) to issue a reminder of how he gets down behind the mic

Over Brent Faiyaz and Drake’s “Wasting Time,” IDK wastes little time in catching a stride. “Look at my past, and look at all of the people that I passed,” he begins. “Reminiscing about days they used to laugh / these days I hit 105 and do the dash / on accident, didn’t know this car was that fast / my biggest fear is reaching my limits to go and crash / that’s figuratively, who’s the best new rapper, I figured it’s me.”

He proceeds to make a compelling case, bringing a subtle intensity to the laid-back instrumental as he strings together a relentless verse. Check it out for yourself, and if you like what you hear, show IDK some love by checking out his new album USEE4YOURSELF

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