Lapsed ‘Final Fantasy XIV’ players can return to for free for limited time

Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV may already have beaten its concurrent player record on Steam, but Square Enix is still keen to keep those numbers rising by enticing lapsed players to return to Eorzea.

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Beginning yesterday (July 9), the Free Login Campaign will let returning players play the MMORPG for free, without a subscription fee, for up to 14 days. The promotion is available until August 23.

Users will of course need to own a copy of Final Fantasy XIV already, as well as the subsequent expansions. However, newcomers can still play the game for free with the ability to reach Level 60, which includes access to the first Heavenward expansion.

The Free Login campaign will be welcoming for lapsed players looking to re-familiarise themselves with Final Fantasy XIV ahead of the Endwalker expansion releasing in November.

The expansion will feature two new job classes, the support-based Sage and the close-quarters DPS Reaper. Players will also finally be able to create a male Viera character, a long-requested option from fans, which the game artists spent their free time to make possible.

Final Fantasy XIV‘s producer and director Naoki Yoshida also recently revealed that World Of Warcraft was used as a “form of study” for the Final Fantasy XIV reboot. There’s some irony then that the MMO’s recent surge in popularity is due to many World Of Warcraft players migrating over.

Nonetheless, World Of Warcraft‘s popularity on Twitch has risen by 56%, owing to the launch of classic expansion The Burning Crusade.

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