Lil Tecca – Money On Me

Lil Tecca first emerged onto the scene with “Ransom,” as breakout a hit as one might imagine. What he lacked in lyrical complexity he made up for in impish charm, casual swagger, and a keen mind for infectious melody. Now, Tecca has returned with another new single “Money On Me,” opting to stick to themes he’s already well familiar with. Which is to say, balling at an unrelenting pace.

Over a whimsical instrumental, Tecca floats as he sing-raps tales of paradise and the benefits of the lavish lifestyle. Still, there’s a faint melancholy hidden within the production, perhaps inviting listeners to look a little deeper; beneath the trappings of wealth, is Lil Tecca truly satisfied — or does the young sensation want something more? Either way, he’s rich enough to pen songs about it, and that’s proven to be a successful formula thus far.

Check out Lil Tecca’s “Money On Me” now, and sound off if you’re excited to see where the rapper goes on his next project.

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