Kyle – What It Is (Remix) ft. Chris Brown

Kyle and Chris Brown make a strong duo on the “What It Is” remix.

All the way back in May, Kyle came through with some quarantine vibes as he dropped a new track called “What It Is,” which certainly had pop music feel to it. The song proved to be a huge hit amongst his fanbase and now, Kyle has enlisted the likes of Chris Brown for a brand new remix that helps enhance the original.

Throughout the song, Kyle speaks on just how hard it can be to lose a partner, while also proclaiming how he is at peace with it all. These lyrics are complemented by the likes of Chris Brown, who leaves his undeniable touch to the track. Chris Brown and Kyle prove to be an effective team, making this track a great treat for fans of both artists.

Quotable Lyrics:

I will always be your friend, for sure though (For sure)
With or without comments on your photo, yee (Yep)
If you abort the mission, leave a n***a Han Solo
I still wear your ring around my neck like I was Frodo (Ooh).

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