Lil Skies – On Sight

Lil Skies is back with his latest single called “On Sight.”

When Lil Skies burst onto the scene a few years ago, he was entering the music industry at a time when Soundcloud artists were dominating the space. Three years later, Skies continues to drop new songs while keeping his music fresh and evolving from the sound that made him famous.

He has steadily been dropping new projects and singles with the new track “On Sight” being his latest effort.

With this track, we get a much heavier beat than one would expect from Skies as the booming 808s help complement Skies’ vocals.

The artist can be heard delivering some aggressive lyrics all while providing those vocal melodies that made him so famous.

Quotable Lyrics:

Lil’ n***a, big wheels, pimp rides
Lil’ shorty ride the dick, pussy tight
N***a stalkin’ me like he don’t got a life
I don’t trust nobody why I’m out of sight
I got hella problems, thinkin’ I’ma die

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