Lil Yachty & Sada Baby – Not Regular

Lil Yachty has found a number of kindred spirits in the ever-present Flint and Detroit, Michigan rap scene, and he’s capitalized by releasing some seriously noteworthy collaborations throughout the year. After one-offs like “1v1” with Rio da Yung OG, “Blind Em” with YN Jay and “Krispy Boat” with KrispyLife Kidd, Yachty has teamed up with Sada Baby for their new “Not Regular” music video and an announcement: his new Michigan Boy Boat project is on the way.

Yachty’s Michigan-fueled streak has created a near-endless stream of loosies you’ll find through YouTube recommendation algorithms for under-the-radar cuts like “Run Down” and “Flintana” too, only bolstering hopes that Michigan Boy Boat will feature the same ensemble cast multiple times over. “Not Regular” first appeared back in June through a Twitter teaser and an official post on Sada’s YouTube channel only to be taken down shortly after. In the re-uploaded version, Yachty toys with a rapid-fire flow over an energetic beat and builds off of the addicting charisma of Sada Baby. “Jumped ‘em, stomped ‘em, got him gone/ Gave him a wedgie, he a nerd n*gga, run him home/ Sent your statements, your emotions, did Quincy Jones/ Better leave me ‘lone, before I change the tone,” Yachty raps. The two rappers just bully their way through the beat.

Watch “Not Regular” above. In more music updates, 21 Savage and Metro Boomin’s Savage Mode II received an updated Chopped and Screwed version

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