Your Old Droog – Ukraine

After a busy 2019, Your Old Droog is back in 2020 with a brand new track called “Ukraine.”
Your Old Droog is well-established in hip-hop at this point thanks to his abilities when it comes to songwriting, storytelling, and most importantly, flowing. It’s been said before that the artist sounds like Nas, although Your Old Droog has certainly separated himself with his numerous releases. Back in 2019, he came out with three projects, including Jewelry which was all about his upbringing and his heritage. Now, YOD is back with a song called “Ukraine,” which as he explained in a press release, is yet another piece to his personal history.

“My last project [Jewelry] was about unapologetically claiming my heritage as a Jew, this song is about embracing my Ukrainian and Eastern European roots,” Droog said

With this track, the artist can be heard delivering his signature flow while delivering bars about growing up in Brooklyn and what it was like as a Ukrainian immigrant who mostly spoke Russian. YOD admits that while things got tough, he learned to overcome his hardships, which ultimately allowed him to become the artist he is today.

Quotable Lyrics:

On the outside I seemed tough, Inside I was scared
In a room full of people felt like the only one there
Had to stop giving a fuck, really not care
Live life with no fear, I’m good everywhere

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