NAO – And Then Life Was Beautiful

Grammy nominated singer Nao holds all of the accolades of a seasoned R&B veteran at only 33 years old. Though she only began releasing solo music in 2014, the two albums she’s put out since then have received widespread critical acclaim and millions of streams. As her third album’s September 24th release date rounds the corner, Nao is spreading positivity on the album’s fourth single “And Then Life Was Beautiful”.

It’s clear that the COVID-19 pandemic was a tough time for the UK singer, and she’s hoping to help others who are struggling on this new release. The track opens with “Change came like a hurricane/ 2020 hit us differently/ And even though I didn’t want it/ This old life got a hold of me” as Nao describes the hopelessness brought on by quarantine. While the verses of the song act as darker descriptions of pandemic life, the chorus is truly an emergence of light. Complimented by a beat drop and soaring vocal harmonies, Nao refocuses on health and a post-pandemic world with repetition of “And Then Life Was Beautiful.”

Nao exudes further wisdom on the bridge of the song, which finds her advising listeners to stop and breathe once in a while and appreciate what you have.

And Then Life Was Beautiful is set to release on September 24th.

Check out the track below:

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