COVID deniers shout ‘don’t get tested’ through megaphones at children outside school in Liverpool

The behaviour of the group has been widely condemned by local people, city leaders and parents and pupils at the school.

Angela Collinson, a parent of a Calderstones pupil, said: “I am angered by the behaviour of these people, who clearly have no connection to Calderstones School or any children who attend.

“The parents were emailed to ask them to fill in a consent form if they wanted their child to be tested.

“The headteacher and all the teachers have been absolutely brilliant during this incredibly difficult time and communicate with parents regularly.

“These idiots are in fact that and like someone pointed out, if they had a child who needed an emergency operation but had to have a COVID test before proceeding, would they say no and spout their conspiracy theory rhetoric? I’m fuming.”

Calderstones pupil Eva Breslin added: “Ignorant, selfish people deciding to shout at kids.

“People are dying. As a Caldies student I can say no one is forced to take the test, but most people have decided that trying to stop the spread of a virus and save lives is the right choice.”

Liverpool mayor Joe Anderson described the group’s behaviour as “sickening and intimidating” and said he hoped the police would take action.

He added: “They are harassing school staff, intimidating and shouting at kids, their behaviour is totally unforgivable and I would like to see the police respond.

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