It’s Clear From Jaden Smith’s Beauty Evolution Over the Years That He Likes to Go Bold


It’s Clear From Jaden Smith’s Beauty Evolution Over the Years That He Likes to Go Bold.


Jaden Smith With His Natural Hair Color in 2012


Jaden Smith With Bleached Tips in 2013


Jaden Smith With Long Curls in 2014


Jaden Smith With an Afro on the Set of The Get Down in 2015


Jaden Smith With Locs in 2015


Jaden Smith With Longer Locs in 2016


Jaden Smith With a Locs Ponytail in 2016


Jaden Smith With a Shaved Head in 2017


Jaden Smith With Red Hair in 2017


Jaden Smith With Green Hair in 2017


Jaden Smith With Platinum Hair in 2018


Jaden Smith With Half of a Shaved Head in 2019


Jaden Smith With Bleached Eyebrows in 2019


Jaden Smith With Neon-Pink Hair in 2019

Jaden Smith has been in the public eye since he was born – that comes with the territory of having Will and Jada Pinkett Smith as your parents. Even though he’s only 22 years old now, we’ve seen him evolve and switch up his look more times than we can count.

If we were to characterize Smith’s beauty vibe in one word, it would be bold. He’s not afraid to dye his hair bright colors like neon pink, red, and green or bleach his eyebrows. As for his go-to hairstyle, he doesn’t really have one; Smith keeps things interesting by constantly rotating between twists, locs, and a shaved head.

One of our favorite beauty moments of Smith’s was when he arrived at the Met Gala in 2017 with a freshly shaved head and his blond locs in hand, as if they were a new hot accessory. Then there was that time he buzzed off his hair in the middle of one of his concerts. As we said, he keeps things interesting.

To see a history of Smith’s beauty evolution over the last 10 years and some of his boldest looks to date, keep reading.

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