Kodak Black Reveals New Album & Docuseries “Bill Is Real”

Kodak Black may be in a correctional facility for some time longer however he’s not holding out on music. Despite the fact that he can’t by and by convey messages to the fans, his companions and lawyers have helped hand-off proclamations for his sake. Most as of late, they reported the delivery date for Bill Is Real, the up and coming task from Kodak Black. Subtleties are scant however from his IG Story, it would seem that it’ll be joined by a docuseries.Wavylord visuals declared that a docuseries would dispatch this week in the number one spot up to the collection which is expected out on November eleventh.

Updates on Kodak’s up and coming undertaking shows up not long after it was uncovered he had been moved to another office in Illinois. This came after charges that the gatekeepers at USP Big Sandy in Kentucky had manhandled him while he was spending time in jail. The rapper and his legal advisor recorded a claim against the jail guaranteeing that he was being tormented in the slammer. The rapper asserted that the gatekeepers gave him a “group beating” after he showed up, guaranteeing they’ve been disregarding his privileges since October 2019. He said the maltreatment prompted mouth dying, spewing and slashes.

Furthermore, Kodak’s legal advisors likewise asserted that Kodak Black was being denied admittance to see his Rabbi, despite the fact that different detainees approach practice their confidence.

While no actual details on the album or docuseries have been released, it has been over two years since the release of Dying To Live. The streets it due to more music from Kodak. Are you excited for Bill Is Real?

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