Naked Attraction contestant who nearly fainted at sight of nude women brutally dumped by date

A contestant on Channel 4 dating show Naked Attraction who almost fainted after seeing a naked woman was ghosted by his potential date on the show.

Brian, 23, who has never had sex, had to take five minutes after being confronted with six naked women on the show, which was aired last night.

On the show, contestants pick a date from six naked people stood in front of them whose bodies are slowly revealed.

Brian was matched with Australian Georgie – and the pair headed out on a date.

Sadly the two weren’t meant to be – with the professional sommelier eventually ghosted by Georgie.

Speaking about whether she would be with Brain, Georgie said: “No, is the short answer.”

In the show, presenter Anna Richardson says to Brian shortly after the naked women are revealed: “You look like you’re about to faint.”

“I’m sorry, I need a moment, can I have a little moment,” he replies. He then walks off the set saying: “Apologies, I need to think.”

Thankfully, Brian makes a return and says he found the experience “overwhelming… in a good way” at first.

Naked Attraction returns next Tuesday on Channel 4.

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