The Londoner: Lockdown didn’t slow us down, says sex club founder

Techs appeal: Emma Sayle, founder of Killing Kittens (Matt Writtle)

Lockdown isn’t the disaster for sex clubs that you might think it is, as the founder of London’s exclusive Killing Kittens tells us her business boomed during lockdown.

Emma Sayle, an old classmate of Kate Middleton, told us that the world slowing down has been an opportunity for “self-discovery” in many areas, particularly when it comes to women “finding their voice in the bedroom”.

“We saw the online chat go up 300 per cent within

a few weeks of lockdown happening in March,” she explains.

Sayle also defended Killing Kittens’ loan from the Government. Earlier this summer it received £170,000.

“They’re never going to own it,” Sayle tells us, “I’ve had this sort of criticism for years, if I was a man and it was to do with male sexuality there would be a massive high-five. There’s a real gender imbalance.”

Sayle came under fire after it was pointed out her former business partner Dougie Smith was married to key Number 10 adviser Munira Mirza.

But Sayle points out “We had to privately raise money ourselves in order for the Government to match what we raised”.

Now, Sayle says she hopes to work with singer Lily Allen, who has just released a sex toy.

Vogue starts off TikTok transatlantic friendship.

Meggie Foster

Meggie Foster, the viral TikToker, has been talking to US-based fellow lip-sync star Sarah Cooper. “We both got mentioned in Vogue and I was like ‘oh my god, Vogue,’” Foster said. She then contacted Cooper on social media.

Whatever happens in the US election, could we see another a transatlantic crossover?

Stars join smackdown at the Groucho in aid of the NHS.

Dave Benett

Just before the new lockdown — one final event. Sadie Frost and singer Collette Cooper made it down to the Groucho last night for a screening of the Intensive Care Society’s Keep Fighting video. The charity is spoofing an American video made during the first lockdown that showed “fights” between celebrities.

It aims to donate £1 million to NHS intensive care staff. Actors Olivia Williams and Sophia Myles also made the occasion. The gloves are off.

I’d like to play a human next, says Cats dancer.

Ballerina Francesca Hayward didn’t have the greatest first lockdown.

She and her partner Cesar Corrales tried to do pliés in a one-bedroom flat: “We had to fold up the sofa and still didn’t have enough space. I was holding on to the counter and we were kicking each other. It was frustrating.” But with a second lockdown looming, the Cats star is still looking to the future, telling Grazia she wants to do more acting but this time, “I’d like to play a human.”

It’s been a long night for some. When The Londoner rang Conservative Central Office this morning to ask about something, we got through to a rather bleary-sounding chap, who could barely be heard over the sound of US election coverage in the background, and after long pauses eventually hung up. Still, it was a better showing than either Labour or the Lib Dems, neither of whom picked up the phone. British politics on hold.

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage addresses a European Parliament election campaign rally at Olympia LondonAFP/Getty Images

Nigel Farage unsurprisingly told us yesterday he thought Donald Trump would win, but when we asked about whether he planned on getting Trump a celebratory or commiseratory gift, Farage replied: “The last gift I gave him was the Brexit 50p coin.” Well, billionaires are notoriously hard to buy for.

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