Trump On Lil Wayne Meeting: “He’s Really An Activist”

President Donald Trump says Lil Wayne is a “nice guy” and an “activist” following their controversial meeting.
Lil Wayne is officially on board the Trump Train.

Unlike 50 Cent, who endorsed Trump before changing his mind and admitting that he was trolling the entire time, New Orleans-born legendary rap artist Lil Wayne appears to be fully serious about voting for Donald Trump in next week’s election.

He has come under fire for his comments in the past, specifically about Black Lives Matter and the murder of George Floyd and, this week, he hit a new low when he endorsed Trump for re-election.

The President obviously appreciates the support, as he is currently trailing in the polls and can use as many guaranteed votes as possible.

Speaking with the press today, Trump addressed his meeting with Lil Wayne, where he referred to the rapper as a “nice guy” and an “activist”.

“He’s a really nice guy. He’s really an activist in a very positive way,” said Trump about Lil Tunechi. “And he asked for a meeting and we had the meeting and as you saw the meeting went very well. Lil Wayne.”

It remains unclear what the President met with Wayne about but, in the rapper’s tweet, he spoke about the Platinum Plan for Black Americans and how it convinced him to vote for the divisive leader.

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