US election: Map shows live results as Trump-Biden race turns into a nail-biter

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Donald Trump has beaten Democratic rival Joe Biden in the vital battleground state of Florida, while other competitive swing states that will help decide the election, including North Carolina, remain up in the air.

Follow the twists and turns of the US election with Yahoo News UK’s interactive map, which will help you track which states go blue and which turn red.

The electoral college system that is used to elect the president means the popular vote does not always guarantee a win. In 2016, Trump lost the vote to Hillary Clinton but became president through winning the electoral college.

Among the key states, Florida has gone to Trump while all eyes are on Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. Ohio, usually seen as an important battleground state, has also voted for Trump.

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Arizona has been called for Biden, with votes yet to be announced for North Carolina and Georgia, other important states that will decide if Trump gets another four years or if Biden heads to the White House.

The interactive map above will allow you to track how the candidates are getting on down to the county, as well as elections to the Senate, House of Representatives and governors.

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