US election news – live: Trump wins Alaska as Biden popular vote lead grows to 5M

Donald Trump has won the state of Alaska, the Associated Press projected on Wednesday.

The announcement will give 3 electoral votes to Mr Trump, but that amount comes nowhere close to what the president needs to win the White House.

In Georgia, officials announced that all 5 million ballots in the state will be recounted by hand, in a decision that could delay the certification of results for some weeks.

The decision follows pressure from Republicans and Mr Trump, who has been reportedly weighing-up all available legal options as he delays – and continues to deny – accepting an election defeat to Joe Biden,.

Mr Biden currently leads the sitting president in the popular vote by 5 million, a number that’s expected to grow as more votes come in from New York and California.

He also leads by 295 electoral votes to Mr Trump’s 217 electoral votes. But those numbers have’t stopped the Trump campaign from preparing a lawsuit in Michigan over alleged election “fraud”.

The president was also criticised by international observers on Wednesday who said he was pushing “baseless allegations of systemic deficiencies” in last week’s US election.

The Organisation of American States warned that candidates should be responsible and not promote “harmful speculation”.

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