Who Voted For Trump, Biden & Kanye? The Election Day Round-Up

An exhaustive list of who is voting for who, among hip-hop artists and celebrities alike.

Election day is officially upon us. As of November 2, a record-breaking 99 million+ Americans had already cast their ballots for the 2020 Presidential Election, whether in-person or by mail, far exceeding the roughly 47 million early voters in the 2016 election. Pivotal states Texas and Washington registered more early votes than their entire 2016 voter turnouts, while highly sought-after state, Florida, trails just behind in its voter turnout rate, with early voter ballots exceeding 93% of the state’s 2016 total turnout.

This upsurge in early voting can largely be credited to the COVID-19 pandemic, with people wanting to avoid crowded voting sites on the day of the election, instead opting to vote in-person in the weeks leading up to the election, or to cast their ballot by mail. All in all, it appears America is gearing up for a potentially historic voter turnout in today’s presidential election.

Last week, Lil Wayne sent the internet into pandemonium when he endorsed Donald Trump for president on Twitter, leading people to accuse the rapper of caring more about protecting his hordes of wealth than his fellow minorities, with John Legend even implying Weezy F must be in “the sunken place.”

Other celebrities, like T.I. and Megan Thee Stallion, have been equally vocal in their support of Biden, encouraging their fans to head to the polls and vote for the Democratic presidential nominee, in what is sure to be one of the most momentous elections of all time.

Scroll further to view the exhaustive list we’ve compiled, to see which celebrities we know have voted or plan to vote today, and who they are voting for, if we know– if we don’t know, they’re organized in Unknown, below.

Lil Pump has been loud and proud in his support of Trump’s re-election (although such wasn’t always the case for the 20-year-old rapper), with Trump even parading Lil Pump, or, as he called him, “Lil Pimp,” out on stage with him on Monday night, for the last rally of his campaign.

Waka Flocka

Waka Flocka seemingly voiced his support for Trump when he commented on an Akademiks IG post, confirming himself as a “clown” for thinking Trump is a better president than Barack Obama.

Asian Da Brat

Back in October, Asian Da Brat shared that she would rather vote Trump than “that other dude.”

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