Noel Clarke’s ‘Bulletproof’ Co-Star Ashley Walters Speaks Out on Misconduct Allegations

British actor Noel Clarke’s “Bulletproof” co-star Ashley Walters has spoken out following explosive sexual misconduct and harassment allegations against his on-screen co-star.

“My thoughts are with the women who have come forward and told their awful stories, I’m in shock and deeply saddened by what I have heard on a multitude of levels,” said Walters in a statement shared to social media.

“I could never condone behaviour of this nature neither in nor out of the workplace, and whilst Noel has been a friend and colleague for several years, I cannot standby and ignore these allegations.

“Sexual harassment, abuse and bullying have no place in our industry. Every woman has the right to a safe workplace and moving forward I pledge my dedication to this.”

More to come. 

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