OMB Peezy – Love Is Blind

OMB Peezy has returned with his brand new single “Love Is Blind,” and many are already praising the track for its raw emotional honesty. Though Peezy is no stranger to bearing his soul on wax, this latest finds him digging deeper than he has in the past, lining himself up in the mirror for a potent dose of self-analysis. Over a melancholic instrumental from Drum Dummie and Elaye, Peezy picks at his scars as he attempts to find inspiration amidst the suffocating pain.

I’m in the backroom in my house tryin’ not to cry but it took over, no one never told me I’d feel this way when I get old,” he raps, reflecting on his darkest hours. “No one understands me, not even family, they don’t know.” Despite the fact that he remains, for all intents and purposes, isolated, that hasn’t stopped OMB Peezy from pursuing his hip-hop ambition by any means necessary. “I’m still runnin’ from my demons, I’m out of breath,” he admits. “Get off your ass and get it, ain’t shit in that chair / You gotta grind until you ain’t got nothin’ left.”

Check out the powerful track now, and sound off if you’re looking forward to a new project from Alabama rapper OMB Peezy.

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