‘Rainbow Six Siege’ devs don’t have major plans for Training Grounds

Artwork from Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege

Rainbow Six Siege developers have said they don’t have any major plans for Training Grounds and Situations mode.

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Associate game director on Rainbow Six Seige, Aurélien Chiron, spoke to PCGamesN about the lack of new content for the modes in the FPS, explaining that the team isn’t happy about the current options either.

“Training Grounds and Situations are not a great tool for onboarding,” Chiron said. “We don’t have anything major planned for them apart from some difficulty tweaks.”

Training Grounds and Situations in Rainbow Six Siege are two ways new players can get started in the tactical shooter but they haven’t received any major updates in a while.

However, Chiron confirmed that while both modes won’t be getting an upgrade, better PvP training is currently in the works as well as a dedicated shooting range feature.

Chiron said: “We want to focus on the PvP side of Siege, which is the core experience. We prefer to invest in training tools that improve the learning curve, so players can test operators, weapons, and gadgets, and learn maps more quickly.”

Ubisoft recently confirmed that Rainbow Six Extraction will be the official title for their next entry into the Rainbow Six franchise.

Rainbow Six Extraction started off as a limited-time game mode which was originally named Outbreak in the FPS game. However, Extraction will see operators face “a totally new breed of mutated alien parasite” in a three-player co-op setting.

In other news, retired Rainbow Six Siege pro player Niclas “Pengu” Mouritzen has accused the competitive scene of years of exploiting audio bugs.

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