Rick Hyde – Hustler’s Prayer Feat. Heem

Fresh off a scene-stealing verse on Benny The Butcher’s The Plugs I Met 2, BSF lyricist Rick Hyde has come through to deliver a hard-hitting new single called “Hustler’s Prayer.” Produced by The SoulMonsters, the track immediately conjures a nostalgic and grimy tone — evocative of some of the early work of Mobb Deep, who often scored their tracks with a darker style of boom-bap.

Off the rip, Hyde establishes gravitas through unflinching depictions of street life. “Stir it in the water like it’s Nesquick,” he spits. “The last 50 was my best flip, then I made an exit / I was bold enough to sell that shit and man enough to just quit / the feds started sweeping like its crumbs all in the kitchen.” Fellow BSF affiliate Heem keeps the same energy throughout his own verse: “we witnessed dead bodies, just another day on Warren / just kill em’ fuck a warnin’ / the undercovers swarmin’.”

Fans of the BSF movement would be wise to check out “Hustler’s Prayer” now, brought to life by two formidable emcees in Rick Hyde and Heem. Do you think these two are next up?

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