Sad Night Dynamite – Psychedelic Views ft. IDK

It’s only been a matter of months since UK duo Sad Night Dynamite shared their excellent self-titled debut project, though they still have more music in the stash. SND is set to hit the road this fall and today, they unveiled a brand new single alongside IDK titled, “Psychedelic Views.” Bringing together their surrealist, moody soundscapes with IDK’s vivid lyricism, SND and IDK’s chemistry breed a trippy audible experience.

“During the first lockdown, we fled London and set up camp in a disused pub near the village where we grew up. It’s safe to say we were not liked by the locals – they were one step away from coming for us with pitchforks, and you can imagine how well it went down when we stuck a Black and Trans Lives Matter sign in the window,” SND’s Archie and Josh said. “Then a rat died under the floorboards and in a weird way it made us delirious. ‘Psychedelic Views’ is the result – we were dreaming of another hotel, far away, somewhere in the sun – which is where the song is set.”

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