Sean Kingston – Darkest Times Feat. G Herbo

Following an eight-year hiatus, Sean Kingston is returning to the spotlight. The singer is known for his classic hits like “Beautiful Girls” and “Take You There,” but for the last eight years, he’s busied himself by working with artists behind the scenes. Kingston recently caught up with us for an exclusive interview where he spoke about his upcoming album, Deliverance, as well as his new G Herbo-assisted single, “Darkest Times.”

In our interview, Kingston shared the meaning behind the single. “It’s basically just me explaining when I’m going through something—whenever somebody go through what they go through, trials and tribulations—[just] having somebody there as your rock and your stone,” he explained. “Being there for you through the darkest times.”

Stream “Darkest Times” featuring G Herbo and check out our exclusive interview with Sean Kingston: Sean Kingston Talks Plotting His Comeback, New Album “Deliverance,” & Jay-Z’s Advice.

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