Shad – Body (No Reason)

Canadian rapper Shad is finally making his way back to the rap game after a few years spent chasing other creative ventures. After narrating HBO’s Hip-Hop Evolution and hosting the radio show Q, Shad came back strong with four new singles in 2021 — the most recent being this week’s “Body (No Reason).” The new track finds Shad delivering high energy as he takes specific aim at Genius’s alleged unwarranted and incorrect commentary on his lyrics.

“How come the lyrics approach genius/ how come we had to approach saying y’all making dough off my lyrics/ but won’t pay the broke genius that wrote ’em,” a cutthroat Shad raps on the new single. While he namedrops Genius, specifically, Shad airs out his grievances with the state of the industry at large through aggressive flows and a driving industrial beat.

Check out the music video below.

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