Steve-O bursts ear drum after ‘Jackass’ dog poo prank

'Jackass' star Steve-O

Steve-O has received medical assistance after getting shot in the head with dog poo.

The Jackass star shared a clip on his YouTube channel which showed the stunt.

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“I bought a T-shirt cannon for Jackass 4. The idea was to fill it up with dog poop, and have someone get shot in the face with it,” Steve-O said, as reported by Metro. “But the director Jeff Tremaine didn’t think the idea was really clever enough. So it didn’t happen.”

Instead, YouTuber SteveWillDoIt stepped in to collaborate with him. During the stunt, however, the contents of the gun reached Steve-O’s ear canal and burst a hole in his ear drum.

After the incident, the stuntman posted the moment on Twitter. “Even for me, this was REALLY stupid,” he wrote about the clip, which shows the impact that the shot had on his eardrum – watch above.

Earlier this week official pictures from the fourth and final film in the Jackass franchise were released. Jackass Forever is due in cinemas in October.

“Celebrating the joy of being back together with your best friends and a perfectly executed shot to the dingdong, the original Jackass crew return for another round of hilarious, wildly absurd, and often dangerous displays of comedy with a little help from some exciting new cast,” a press statement accompanying the announcement read.

Jackass Forever
CREDIT: Paramount Pictures/MTV Entertainment Studios

News on the upcoming film arrives after a Jackass stunt for Discovery’s Shark Week ended badly on Monday (July 12).

The Jackass Shark Week Special saw the group attempt a dangerous stunt as they literally tried to “jump the shark”, with McInerney wakeboarding over infested waters.

However, Sean McInerney (aka Poopies) had his hand bitten by one of the creatures.

“I knew there was a chance I was gonna get bit by a shark, but I didn’t think it was gonna happen,” he said after the incident.

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