Toosii – Same As I Used To Be

Toosii’s glow up in the past couple of years has truly been impressive. The 21-year-old high school football player turned XXL Freshman achieved in two years what many artists only dream of. In his new album, Thank You For Believing (The Manifestation), Toosii proves that his fans put him here for a reason. On “same as I used to be”, Toosii reflects on this expedited road to stardom with an impressive array of melodic flows.

Found somewhere between Future and Lil Tjay, Toosii’s vocal tone and melodic choices always make his tracks easy to sink into on first listen. On “same as I used to be”, he employs these eccentric vocal riffs across the chorus and bridge as he describes the new man he’s become and his disdain for those who aren’t there for him. This is all done over an elegant arrangement of guitar and piano sections.

“Still got the keys to the old whip, but life smooth like butter/ Still got the keys to the old whip, but I use my other,” Toosii repeats as he recognizes his newfound status while taking with him the lessons of his past. The North Carolina artist still has time to flex, though this time around he’s a bit more somber as he tries to find his place in an unfamiliar world.

Check out the track below:

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