Wale – Angles (Feat. Chris Brown) [Club Mix] Feat. Chris Brown

Chris Brown has lined club playlists for three Summer’s in a row at this point with collaborations like “No Guidance” with Drake and “Go Crazy” with Young Thug. The R&B singer’s most recent Summer hit came with Wale’s June track “Angles”, one of Wale’s most successful releases in years. With a bouncy beat, “Angles” was already suited for venues and clubs. However, with the minor changes made to the song with the new “Angles” (featuring Chris Brown)- [Club Mix], the track will be hard to avoid on nights out this Summer.

As is tradition, Chris Brown takes on the hook with his smooth voice and vibey harmonies. His melodies always seem to remain complex enough to keep casual listeners interested while catchy enough for clubgoers to easily sing along. Suffice it to say, his repeated refrains of “I can’t tame you” in “Angles” are successful in this category.

Wale takes over the verses with a casual flow as he continues Brown’s inquiry of a new lover. Over the simple yet bubbly beat, Wale raps slowly about dripping his girl out and giving her the world.

Check out the track below:

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