Yungeen Ace Advises Young People To Stay Out Of The Streets

Jacksonville, Florida rapper Yungeen Ace knows all about the perils of street life. Three years ago, he nearly lost his life in a drive-by shooting, which killed his brother and two of his friends. That’s just the tip of the iceberg with Ace, who has lived through harrowing amounts of trauma in the last few years. Right now, he’s losing out on opportunities because of the police, claiming that they’re canceling all of his local shows because of rap beef and potential threats of violence. As a result, Ace seems to be growing tired of street life, advising young folks to stay out of the streets if they can.

Taking to Twitter a week ago, the 23-year-old rapper sent an important message to his followers, telling his younger fans to keep out of the streets.

Everybody I love dead or in jail,” he wrote. “Being in da streets got more DOWNS then it is ups [100 emoji] For all the young People Coming up I know it’s Hard Bt try yo Best to Stay OUT the Streets [100 emoji].”

Recently, Yungeen Ace has been involved in a violent feud with fellow Jacksonville rapper Foolio. They’ve both taken shots at one another with diss records, but their beef has quieted down in the last few weeks. During an exclusive interview with us, he spoke about the police presence in Florida, how officers seemingly have a vendetta against rappers, and more. Read the full interview here.

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