YungManny – Her Peace Feat. YK Osiris

YungManny knows how to craft some catchy songs that are filled with summer vibes. Now that we are finally in August, there is only a small amount of time before these summer-type tracks go by the wayside. With this in mind, it should be no surprise that YungManny has taken advantage of the time we have left with a brand new summer-ready song called “Her Peace” which features the likes of YK Osiris and Loui.

This song is filled with melodies as all three artists float on top of the bubbly production. Throughout the track, YungManny, Osiris, and Loui all sing about their girls and how they want to give them the world. It’s a very positive track that will immediately put you in a good mood as you soak up some sunshine.

You can stream the new song, down below.

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